Meet the High & Mighty Herd


Stroke of Luck, or Lucky, is a registered Paint, 15-2 hand gelding.  He has a special marking called a medicine hat, which is said to give him special power in taking care of his rider. The medicine hat Paints were a favorite among the Native American Chiefs.  Here at High & Mighty Lucky has lived up to the medicine hat reputation in taking good care of his rider. He loves trail riding, trotting ground poles, and having his mane combed.  He is not an easy horse to understand but that quality gives us many good teaching opportunities.


Handsome Jack Gray, known as Jack, is a 16 hand registered Thoroughbred off the track.  He is flea bitten gray and loves to show off his quickness in the  outdoor arena.  He no longer takes riders on his back but is a great program horse for groundwork and other equine assisted activities.  He is a favorite for his kind personality and his soft eye.


Steal My Heart, known as Oliver, is a 13- 1 hand gray pony with a lot of personality.  You will find him knocking on his stall if the attention is somewhere other than on him.  He drives and rides and loves to play with his horsey friends in the field.  He enjoys games but prefers not to stand still for too long.  He loves attention and is said to have stolen many a heart.




Wowolken, or Wow, is a black 16 hand Hanoverian gelding.  He is owned by Marissa Celli Hoe.  He came to us complete with his own passport.  He was imported from Germany and has had extensive schooling in grand prix  dressage movements.  His movement is impressive but what excites us most his wonderful manners, love of people and his general worldliness.  He is not only a great gift to High&Mighty but also a blessing to all who  have the opportunity to work with him.  Wow really lives up to his name!



Happy is owned by Liza Fraser and has been with our program from the beginning.  He is a 15- 1 hand Appaloosa.  Happy is what we call a solid citizen in everything he does.  He is our older horse who despite his size teaches many of our little riders.  He rides both english and western and enjoys going out on the trails. He loves his treats but has been know to turn up his nose to apples.  Peppermints and carrots are his favorites.  He is the only horse in the barn that manages to push open his window in all kinds of weather.


Tillett’s Thom who we call Thomas is a 14 hand Norwegian Fjord. He is a bit of a youngster when it comes to his ground manners. He teaches us all to be consistent, clear and patient with our requests. He is new to driving but has proven to be a good student with a good work ethic. He is wonderful to ride especially for our more independent riders.  He loves his treats but they may only be given to him in his bucket.



P1110367     Roustabout  was donated to High & Mighty from Scott & Cindy Kanouse of Ghent, NY. Roustabout is a miniature horse. He is actually a medicine hat paint, which the Native Americans cherished for their special spiritual protective powers. Roustabout likes to give kisses and loves attention. In program he works in hand, enjoying the challenges of obstacle courses in the arena. In the herd, Rousabout has a lot of fun with the big boys!



“Rocket Rexio” a.k.a “Shorty” is a registered American Spotted Draft. He is a gelding who weighs about 1700 lb., is 17.2 hands, and is a Tobiano Paint. He was donated from Gail Newman and Peter Greenwald of Willamstown, MA.  Shorty likes to follow his human friends around, much like a big loyal dog. He loves being groomed by lots of people~ the more the better, which is a good thing as he is HUGE!



P1110707Gryphon is a 16.2 hand Hannovarian/Quarterhorse who was donated to High & Mighty from The Emily Eckstrom Foundation, a barn in Spencertown that raises funds to support horse related education for young people. He was then adopted by wonderful volunteers Sam & Jack Couch who have truly given him a new lease on life.  Gryphon is a solid citizen for sure, having had lots of training and show experience. Gryhon trotted right into program and has proven to be a great teacher for all.



Scout had a few homes before he came to High and Mighty. The Konove family donated him because they wanted him to have lots of attention and share his kind nature with the students in the programs. Scout very unusual coloring – a blue roan pinto. He is 33″ tall, very cute, with a sweet and quiet disposition.