COVID-19 Donations

Due to the current social distancing and stay at home orders: your absence is requested at our event that will never exist! Please don’t get up, get dressed, or do anything with your hair; you can participate in our Non-Event Fundraiser right from the comfort of your couch.

All contributions to our NON-EVENT FUNDRAISER: Shutter the Barn Doors will aid High & Mighty in Opening the Barn Doors that much sooner when all of this is behind us. Please consider donating today, High & Mighty needs your help now more than ever. Oliver, Sonya, Thomas, Cooper, Nemo, Wow, Diego, Jack, Roustabout and the rest of our herd (both human and animal) truly appreciate your support during this difficult time.

Online donations can be made by using the ‘donate’ button to the right or you can mail a check payable to High & Mighty to 71 County Route 21C, Ghent NY, 12075.