Winter Shoes

The High & Mighty Herd gives us their all, every ride, every day.  Our horses are the backbone of this small program that casts a wide net, helping approximately 75 children and adults with special needs per week.  

Horses seem to know intuitively what our riders need, and generously share their special qualities with them.  Wow shares his elegance, Sonya her strength, Nemo his patience, Diego his sweetness and the minis share affection and laughter, just to name a few.

In appreciation of our beloved equines I am reaching out to you for help.  We know you have your winter shoes ready, but do you know our horses also need winter shoes?   And they are probably just as expensive as yours!  We need your help providing our horses with winter shoes so they can continue to help our riders.  One pair of winter shoes costs approximately $175. Please consider making a year-end donation today by buying a pair of shoes for your favorite equine.  We urge you to give generously.

With many thanks,

The High & Mighty Team

PS-For $69.95 you can buy a heated water bucket for your favorite horse.  It keeps the water a pleasant temperature, even in the frigid weather!