Barn Program

Four young girls wearing helmets in a field with pitchforks participate in High & Mighty's barn program in Ghent, NY

The barn program is geared for those individuals who are not yet ready or suited for riding and driving or for individuals who have chosen not to ride or drive. 

It focuses on activities in and around the barn – grooming, feeding, mucking, sweeping and more. 

Spending time in the barn is an excellent way for students to learn all about the hard work and time that goes into caring for our horses. Barn activities are a great way to build strength and stamina while building valuable relationships with both our horses and our team members. 

The Barn Program is directly supervised by a PATH International Instructor.

Two girls grooming a white horse in the barn at High & Mighty Therapeutic Riding and Driving Center
A group of young kids wearing helmets and smiling holding pitchforks and brooms with a muck tub inside the barn

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A close up of several kids putting sponges on the back of a white pony in front of a red barn