Horseplay Camp

Horseplay camp is an all abilities summer program for children and teens with and without disabilities. The camp incorporates a variety of mounted and unmounted equine activities such as riding, driving, horse handling, grooming, stable chores and barn management.

 All activities emphasize self-development and team building. Students participate in herd observation and study to develop communication, safety, and horsemanship skills. 

A young girl in a tie dye sweater wearing a helmet and holding the halter of a miniature horse in the High & Mighty barn
A girl on horseback with two women nearby reaches for an object hanging from a tree at High & Mighty's sensory trail course

Additional activities include music, movement, games, and crafts. Each camper leaves their unique “hoof print” on the farm, as additions to the sensory trail, games for other campers, or signage for our trail system. 

We emphasize responsible stewardship practices for our Earth, teaching and practicing ways in which to respect, preserve and protect our natural environment. Join us and come play with horses!

2022 High & Mighty Horseplay Camp dates

M-F 9am – 2pm
T-F 9am – 1pm
M-F 9am – 2pm
M-F 9am – 2pm
M-F 9am – 2pm
M-F 9am – 2pm
M-F 9am – 2pm

WEEK 1: June 27th – July 8th (ages 7+)
WEEK 2: Mini Camp: July 5-8 (ages 4-6)
WEEK 3: July 11-15 (ages 7+) 
WEEK 4: July 18- 22 (ages 7+) FULL*
WEEK 6: August 8-12 (ages 7+)
WEEK 7: August 15-19 (ages 7+) FULL*
WEEK 8: August 22-26 (ages 7+) FULL*

WEEK 1: M-F 9am – 2pm   $550
WEEK 2: T-F 9am – 1pm    $500
WEEK 3: M-F 9am – 2pm   $550 
WEEK 4: M-F 9am – 2pm   $550 FULL*
WEEK 6: M-F 9am – 2pm   $550
WEEK 7: M-F 9am – 2pm   $550 FULL*
WEEK 8: M-F 9am – 2pm   $550 FULL*


*Please contact Rachel to be put on the waiting list:

A row of kids sitting on a bench wearing hlemets in front of a red barn in High & Mighty's summer Horseplay camp

How to Participate

If you are interested in signing up for Horseplay Camp, please fill out and submit our Horseplay Camp Application. You may mail them to us or email them to Once your paperwork is received, you will get a follow-up email or phone call confirming the week(s) that your camper is signed up for. We require a nonrefundable $150 deposit with your application in order to hold your child’s space in camp. Without a deposit your spot is not guaranteed. The remainder of the camp fee is due by the first day of camp. 

If you have any questions about our Horseplay Camp, please contact

A young boy riding a white pony in the woods throws a mulit-colored basketball at a hoop