Driving Program

The Driving Program at High & Mighty allows participants to experience the uniqueness of carriage driving. Carriage driving is an excellent way to teach confidence, independence, and communication. It can also help with balance, strength and coordination. 

During a driving lesson, a PATH International Instructor will aid the student in learning the skills needed to maneuver a horse-drawn carriage.

These skills include learning to harness, the proper use of the reins and how to communicate with your voice. Driving provides a great opportunity to understand how our horses communicate with us.

Two people driving a horse in a cart in a sand ring in the driving program at High & Mighty in Ghent, NY
Two people in an adapted cart with a woman standing to the side driving a Fjord horse in a sand arena in High & Mighty's driving program

This program is ideal for those students who may be looking for something a little different or who may not meet the criteria of the Riding Program.

Our Driving Program is appropriate for students of all abilities. For people who use a wheelchair we have a custom-made carriage that is wheelchair accessible!

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If you have any questions about our Driving Program, please contact rachel@high-n-mighty.org

A woman in a wheelchair wearing a pink short and a helmet petting the forehead of a Fjord horse that is wearing blinders and a bridle