Support/Dover Saddlery Wishlist

High & Mighty appreciates any and all donations. Your generosity helps to fund our many programs, sponsor our horses and provides scholarships for students. Donation amounts are determined by you, the donor, and we truly appreciate your support!

High & Mighty honors each donation. We hope your donation will reflect your deepest connection to our program. For that reason, please choose how your donation will be used.  Please choose a link below to donate via Paypal. High & Mighty Therapeutic Riding and Driving Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We now have a WISHLIST  with Dover Saddlery!  Click on the link to go directly to Dover’s website and see what the herd needs!  We can’t take care of our herd without you!

To make a donation to a specific horse, please click on the link next to your favorite equine friend:

  486130_441075609295459_64155158_n Donate to Oliver our wonderful Heinz 57 mix pony. Oliver requires some special care to keep him healthy and sound. His knee bothers him from time to time, resulting in extra visits from the vet. If you ask Oliver, he would rather skip these visits (no offense Vet Jen)! Oliver thanks you for helping him remain comfortable and able to ride the participants of High & Mighty!Make a Donation Button
 DSC_5403 Help support our friend Thomas, our Norwegian Fjord. Thomas is a young 7 year old gelding who likes to explore and get into mischief.  We trying to keep him as occupied as possible, which requires lots of props to entertain him! Thank you for assisting Thomas in his training!Make a Donation Button
 150959_441076752628678_373249539_n Donate to Jack, the barn’s Thoroughbred. Due to injury, Jack is not able to assist in mounted lessons, but he does enjoy groundwork. His favorite pastime however is having a grand ole time rolling around in his stall. Jack says thank you for helping to supply his endless wheelbarrow full of shavings!Make a Donation Button
 scout Donate to Scout, one of our miniature horses. Scout needs special medication to help with his breathing. With medication, his breathing problems are now under control. Scout still gets the sniffles. Thank you for helping him breathe with ease!
Make a Donation Button
 P1070217 Donate to our friend Wow, our Hanoverian.  Wow is very attentive to and sensitive to his rider. He is also quite sensitive to flies and other insects who love him as much as we do. Thank you for helping Wow receive the care he needs to keep him itch free and healthy.Make a Donation Button
 408507_441076702628683_1984544774_n Help support Happy, our Appaloosa. Happy is elderly, but still enjoys trail rides and light arena work. His thirty plus years requires some special medical attention. Happy thanks you for helping to keep him active in his twilight years!Make a Donation Button
 76014_441075329295487_1274521748_n Help support Lucky, our Registered Paint. Because of Lucky’s poor feet, he requires special shoes to help keep him comfortable. Lucky says thank you for his new kicks!Make a Donation Button

If you are donating a scholarship for a specific child or have specific wishes, please complete the form below.