Did you know horses love getting presents? We have surveyed every member of the herd and are passing on their requests to you! Get your favorite horse a special holiday gift and show your love to High & Mighty. To buy something, use the form to the right, and tell us what you are buying in the comments section!

Treats please! And more treats. Did somebody say treats? $15

Oliver, like Spot, loves his treats. BUT...he is on a diet. So please get him sugarfree treats (but don't tell him!). $15

Diego has very beautiful eyes that need protecting! He would like a UV Protective Fly Mask. $30


Our dynamic duo of the fjords, Thomas and Sonya, have both requested bareback pads!


Fly, Lucky, and Wow are all really into fashion and have requested bell boots. They also share a love of salt, and a great stocking stuffer would be a himalayan salt block!
Bell Boots – $25
Himalayan Salt Block – $10

Cooper needs a new sheet to protect him from bug bites! Boett Sweet Itch Sheet - $270

The minis had a very long list. Just get them treats. Treats x 3 - $45

Nemo loves a spa day and would like a massage. Equine massage-$150

Jack likes to roll in the mud, so his owner Cindy has requested dry shampoo to help her clean him in the winter! Shorty needs a new halter for his big head!
Equine dry shampoo – $15
Draft size breakaway halter – $30

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