Words of wisdom from Laura

Sometimes you throw something out to the universe and see where it lands. Such was the case when I decided High & Mighty needed a better, safer way of transporting our miniature horses to community programs. We were using a large horse trailer, which is labor intensive, expensive, and not the most secure way to get our minis around.

I asked our Development Director to send an appeal to our community of donors and friends, seeking a minivan that we could retrofit for our minis. I could see what she was thinking … of all the harebrained ideas, this was up there with the best of them. But, given the good sport she is, and being used to me when I get worked up about an idea, she graciously sent out the idea into the universe. And that was that. All was quiet on that front for a few months, and I continued to fret about how to get the minis into the community.


We received a call from a friend of a board member. His father had used a wheelchair, and a custom minivan had been his means of transport. Sadly, his father passed a couple of years ago. He wanted to see the minivan put to good use … would we be interested in taking the van? We are now the proud owners of the minivan, allowing us to take our minis to visit:

  • Underserved youth
  • Veterans
  • Libraries
  • Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Centers

I have always adhered to the credo, “You don’t know until you ask,” and this is the perfect example. But the truth is, I have such faith in the High & Mighty community, I never believed it wouldn’t happen. So, thank you friends, for always being there for High & Mighty, and answering us when we throw something out to the universe.

With gratitude,

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