Today’s blogger is Spot- High & Mighty’s newest herd member!

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The humans have given me the assignment of writing the first High & Mighty blog. I consider this an honor. I am very smart, and happy to contribute in any way to the continuing education of humans.

Yup, it’s been quite a big winter for me. My owner, Sally Eckhoff, brought me to High & Mighty in December. Since then, it has become my home and now I have all these new friends! When I first got here, lots of people watched me to see how I would like it (I’m mostly talking about you Laura). I quickly showed everyone what a cool and affable guy I am. As with many humans in my life, Laura fell in love with me pretty quickly (yawn, it’s so easy). I’m quite sure I am her favorite now. I don’t care what Wow, Sonya, Oliver, Nemo, Thomas, Diego, Cooper, Lucky, Icey, Mr. D, Roustabout, Shorty and Jack say.

Now, I spend most of my time with Thomas, Cooper, and Diego. I would say they are my best buds at the moment, but that can change—I’m that kind of guy!

I kept hearing Winter Program was over, and thought, “well, what am I going to do now?” I was just starting to have fun with my new job and was feeling a little disappointed. I’ve been enjoying getting all those hugs and treats from the little people. BUT THEN, Spring Program started! I’m going to be outside more and hitting the trails—yeehaw! I also heard something about birthday parties and carrot cakes. I need to find out more about that, as I am a total party animal.

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