Today’s bloggers are the minis!

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Hi everyone,

Dianne here. I just wanted to give you a warning. Sigh. The minis are on a tear. They are threatening to boycott their program unless they get a minivan. I even considered not letting them blog until they calm down, but the other horses vetoed me (I think they are really tired of hearing the minis complain about having to travel in the horse trailer). I mean, I get it; a horse trailer is too big for them. But we can’t just make a minivan appear out of nowhere. So please, help us out. If you know of someone who can donate a used minivan, let us know and it will be a lot more peaceful around here.
A dark brown miniature horse with a white man walking forward in an indoor ring

Mr D

Ahem. My full name is actually Mr. Debonair, which describes me perfectly. I am dapper and dignified. I find it ‘beneath me’ to ride in a trailer designed for my big equine cousins. Although, as the smallest of the bunch, there isn’t much room ‘beneath me’…Oh boy, here comes the Ice Queen…


I must say, as the only girl in the group, I expect MUCH better accommodations when traveling. My full name is Dancing on Ice, and I DO feel like I am actually dancing on ice in the big trailer! Also, I would like a mirror to look at my beautiful and glorious mane that my good friend Bryan helps me keep beautifully groomed. He also takes me on long walks (thankfully by myself, without the other two riff raff) and agrees that a special equine such as myself should travel in style!


This is my friend Shorty. He fits in the horse trailer. Need I say more?

If you know or anyone who would like to donate a minivan to High & Mighty, please contact

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